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Top 10 Best Hotels in Albania

Are you looking for a place to stay while visiting Albania? Lucky for you because we have collected the top 10 best hotels in Albania you can consider. Want to know more? Keep reading!

Hotel Glow

Hotel Glow is nestled close to the Albanian Riviera and is one of the best hotels in Albania. This hotel is designed to suit the modern traveler’s needs and features a minimalist and modern design with modestly designed and decorated rooms and suites. You can enjoy the sunrise and sunset on their sun terrace while you also enjoy dinner or a night drink a Martini on their sun loungers.

La Brisa Boutique Hotel

La Brisa Boutique Hotel is another one of the best hotels in Albania, located less than three kilometers from Kondaq, and features a restaurant, a bar, a swimming pool, and a private parking area. You can also find Wi-Fi, and each room has air conditioning together with a locker, and others have a private balcony. Dhermi is home to several beaches in Albania.

Berati Castle Hotel

Berati Castle Hotel is a lovely bohemian cottage in a stunning historic city. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Candelabras, wood, and bricks—the Berati Castle Hotel in Berat provide contemporary comfort inside a cocoon, which will bring you back to simpler times. As a guest, you can enjoy the Mediterranean and traditional cuisine and create truly unforgettable experiences. That’s certainly a European luxury hotel, which is simple yet certainly sophisticated.

Buzë Boutique Hotel

Buzë Boutique Hotel is a waterfront hotel located in Sarandë and is also one of the best hotels in Albania that you should visit. This Albanian hotel is aesthetic and refreshing and provides the most comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Built using enthralling shades of a warm khaki and blue, presenting an inviting outdoor area boasting the sea, not to mention the lovely suites, this hotel is a total package.

Hotel Liro

Hotel Liro is situated on the Albanian Riviera. It is one of the best hotels in Albania that offers expansive views of the ocean. Given that it is on a private beach, you can easily lounge under the sun and take advantage of the Mediterranean food from the restaurant and on-site bar. You can select from a broad spectrum of rooms the hotel has to offer. The best part is that each room has ocean views and a private balcony.

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Top 10 Best Hotels in Albania 3

“Albania may be small, but it packs a big punch when it comes to natural beauty and cultural heritage.”

Vlora International Hotel

Vlora International Hotel is another one of the top best hotels in Albania, nestled only 160 feet from the ocean. This is a famous pick among business travelers and casual travelers as it offers numerous meeting rooms with visual and audio equipment, a fitness center facility, and free parking.

In addition, you can also take advantage of their bars and restaurants, serving anything from the Mediterranean to Italian cuisine. Keep in mind that breakfast is also provided in the morning.

Hotel Tradita

Hotel Tradita prides itself on traditional simplicity and architecture. Nestled in Shkoder, this hotel is also one of the best hotels in Albania. They are popular for their restaurant and bar offering numerous food options—Kosher, vegan and halal.

One of the cool things about this hotel is they also serve as a souvenir shop and ethnographic museum.

Hotel Livia

Hotel Livia is the perfect place for people searching for accommodation close to Butrint National Park. It has a stylish exterior, and the interiors are well-decorated as well.

The hotel’s rooms either have a balcony or a terrace where you can see famous landmarks and enjoy the garden view. Warm, light colors are used as the basis for the hotel room’s theme, equipped with wooden furnishing to offer it a cozy vibe.

Mrizi I Zanave Agroturizëm

Mrizi I Zanave Agroturizëm is situated thirty-one kilometers from the popular Rozafa Caste in Shkodra. It’s not only one of the best hotels in Albania but also the most exclusive one.

The hotel’s exterior is a combination of wood and cobblestone, while the furnishing and interior are contemporary and modern. The hotel itself has a free private parking area, a garden, and an on-site restaurant. It’s the ideal hotel if you are traveling with kids or your family, as it offers a children’s playground.

Elysium Hotel

Elysium Hotel is the definition of luxury at its best and the perfect place for a relaxing vacation. Why don’t you spend your days dipping by the pool or the Dhermi beach and revel in the majestic garden and ocean views from your balcony?

Also, you can appreciate the best drinks and food and entertain yourself with a host of awesome activities accessible.

The above list is of some of the best hotels in Albania. You can make use of this list, especially if you’re planning on your next luxury vacation to Europe.