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Holidays Albania: Top 10 Must-Sees

Albania is a country that has yet to hit the map of many European tourists. With fascinating valley towns with thousands of years of history, soaring mountains, and national heroes followed by fervent, prideful people, it’s important that you visit Albania today.

Planning your holidays Albania getaway? We collected the top ten places you should see in the region. Keep reading to find out more!


The Karavasta Lagoon is one of the biggest lagoons in the Mediterranean and has been a protected area since 1994. The lagoon is also popular as an ecological treasure trove, presenting some singular landscapes.

The lagoon features a park, which is home to more than 250 birds, amphibians, and mammal species, including rare birds such as the Crispy Pelican. The park is popular as the most western nesting point for this bird in entire Europe.

Valbona Valley

Did you know that Valbona Valley is a popular national park in Albania? Nestled half ahour’s ride from Bajram Curri’s northern city, the park provides stunning vistas featuring high alpine ridges and  Valbona Valley itself.

The area is safeguarded, as it’s home to rich wildlife and flora, ideal for sightseers and vacationers, but also those interested in learning the area’s biodiversity.

Grunas Waterfall

Get your phone cameras ready if you think of this holidays Albania destination. The Grunas Waterfall cascades and the Albanian Alps’ rocky hillsides offer a view that begs to be celebrated.

Nestled seventy kilometers from Shkodra’s historic city, this is a popular tourist spot in the National Park of Theth.

Albanian Riviera

The Albanian Riviera is graced with majestic beaches, accompanied by international festivals for all music lovers. The rocking nightclubs near Havana Beach and Jale Beach attract European youth to visit the place frequently.

For a serene view, Himara Seaside is the perfect place to visit.

Holidays Albania: Top 10 Must-Sees 4
Holidays Albania: Top 10 Must-Sees 3

“The people of Albania are among the friendliest and most hospitable you'll ever meet - their warmth and kindness will stay with you long after you leave.”

Cyclops Eye

Cyclops Eye is a famous weekend getaway among local residents of Tirana and the surrounding area. While it’s well-frequented, it’s also considered a hidden gem along with a magical past and attracts people looking to explore nature or those who wish to spend a few hours in total peace.

What’s more, the area boasts a unique small cataract surrounded by rock formations, making an unrepeatable and singular panorama.

The Blue Eye, Saranda

This is probably one of the most popular holidays Albania destinations. This is a spring with refreshing waters and a charming blue color bubbling forth from a deep pool.

Divers have explored 50 meters of its depth, but its actual size is still unclear. The water itself is a continuous 10 degrees Celsius, needing some courage to stride forth in its midst. However, the entire experience is worth it. Did you know that the Blue Eye Spring is the water source of the Bistrice River?

Shala River

Shala River is often referred to as the Thailand of Albania—a hidden gem that is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the region. Hidden inside the Albanian Alps in the north, this holidays Albania destination is accessible only via boat.

To reach it, you should follow the road to Vau I Dejes and take the boat to Lake Koman. Also, the river is the ideal summer spot, a sanctuary from the heat and a chance to be one with nature.

The Casted Sand

On the foothills surrounding Shengjin’s coastal town hides the popular beach of Rana e Hedhun. It’s popular with locals, but this destination stays unexplored by foreign tourists or even locals.

Its landscape is somewhat strange, consisting of hills of sand that fall into the ocean. The area is also enclosed by perennial pine trees, providing protection from the sun and the ideal place for picnics even during the off-season.

Koman Lake

Koman Lake is a densely forested hill consisting of vertical slopes and a narrow valley. It’s an artificial lake situated in northern Albania. The lake itself was established in 1978 after the construction of a dam on the Drin River.

Today, it provides a splendid vantage point on the remarkable mountains surrounding it. You can ride a ferry to enjoy the rest of the view in this holidays Albania destination.

Sotira Waterfall

This place is nestled in Tomorri Mountain National Park, which is named after the popular mountain from which the fall flows. Also, the cascading waters offer a great spectacle that has attracted numerous tourists over the years.

Furthermore, the waterfall is just sixteen kilometers away from Gramsh’s southern town, from where your hike will start. From Gramsh, you can travel to Sotira village to start your hike, which will last for at least an hour and a half.

For visitors searching for something off the flattened track, there’s no doubt that Albania is a small and yet unknown corner of the Mediterranean. That makes it the ideal place for beachgoers and nature lovers alike.

If you’re preparing for a visit, consider these ten holidays Albanian destinations!