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Albania Beach Holidays: Top 10 Beaches

Many travelers associate Albania with ancient castles and ruins, but that’s further from the truth. Did you know that the Albanian Riviera has some of the best Albania beach holidays that you’ll come across?

Keep in mind that Albanian beaches are very Mediterranean-like, with lovely waters, stunning landscapes, and many more. Here are the top ten Albanian beach holidays you can consider today.

Castle Beach

This is nestled right below Ksamil’s Castle Hotel. It’s one of the best Albanian beach holidays you can visit today. There’s a small café and bar above the beach where you can also enjoy some awesome drinks.

Meanwhile, the beach offers golden sand where you can easily lay down your towel and chill all day.

Drymades Beach

This Albania beach holiday is one of the best beaches in the region. Just take note that there are two sections at this wonderful beach. One piece is a sandy expanse, while the other has lots of pebbles.

When it gets too crowded on the side, you can move to the other side to chill and enjoy the beach.

The Four Islands

If you decide to come to Ksamil Beach, make sure you hire a kayak or paddle board to make your way to The Four Islands. Those are some of the best beaches in the country.

The fourth and third islands are a bit further, but you can easily take a water taxi to visit those islands. You’ll find peace and seclusion here, making them perfect for relaxation and sunbathing.

Monastery Beach

If you’re visiting Saranda’s southern city, you should take a short trip to Monastery Beach. It is not far out of the city, on the road to the famous Ksamil, an Albanian beach town.

You have the option to walk your way up to the monastery on the hill, which I highly recommend, so you get amazing views of the Albanian coast and Saranda in the distance.

Seagulls’ Beach

This is another one of the best Albania beach holidays and perhaps the most crowded one you will find in Saranda. We suggest coming to this beach as early as possible so you can find a spot.

It’s one of the leading beaches in the country, surrounded by tiny cliffs, making a wonderful backdrop for your relaxation. You’ll find cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy some local cuisine in the cool sea breeze. Also, the waters are perfect for swimming, as the tides are very calm.

Albania Beach Holidays: Top 10 Beaches 4
Albania Beach Holidays: Top 10 Beaches 3

“Albania's culinary scene is a delicious mix of Mediterranean and Balkan flavors - a true gastronomic delight.”

Mango Beach

This is referred to as Plazhi Mango by the residents and is one of the sprightliest Albanian beaches you’ll get to visit. On top of that, the shoreline is bustling, and you could benefit from the endless beachfront hotels and bars surrounding this hotel.

You can chill here, snorkel, fish, sunbathe, swim, and do many more during the day. It’s simple to rent sunshades and beach loungers here to spend a comfortable day at the beach.

Mirror Beach

This is one of the top Albania beach holidays that both tourists and locals love to visit. The beach’s name comes from the way that the ocean mirrors the sun’s light and rays. It’s also one of the best beaches in Albania that will provide you with some privacy.

Most visitors come to snorkel here. Many water lovers snorkel and visit the closest islands, offering you a glimpse into the lovely marine life of Albania. But remember that this beach can attract lots of crowds during the peak summer season.

Dhermi Beach

This is the main beach in Dhermi and is one of the most beautiful beaches you’ll ever find. It’s a famous beach because of its turquoise waters, white pebbles, and majestic rock formations, among other things.

If you’re coming here with your family, we’d suggest not going in the water with your children. That’s because the currents can get strong on the beach. Also, the beach can get crowded, making it difficult to find a spot during the peak summer.

Drymades Beach

Just a ten-minute drive from Dhermi village, Drymades Beach is a newly popular Albania beach holiday destination on the Albanian Riviera. This long stretch of coast is charming. After all, Albania’s beaches are all like that.

Take note that Drymades is one of the popular beaches in the region throughout the summer. This spot is loaded with trendy bars and normally is a hot spot for music festivals, as well.

Shpella Lukove Beach

In the tiny village of Lukove lies one of the most stunning beaches in Albania, near Saranda City. This is one of the best Albania beach holidays you should consider if you like to get away from the tourists in the area during summer, not to mention there are lots of camping areas, too.

On top of that, there are many bar and restaurant options there, so it’s simple to get a bite to eat.

Which of these Albania beach holidays are you planning to visit next?